Raw Reform Review

Angela Stokes is the author of Raw Reform, an eBook that serves as your complete guide towards adapting a raw food diet towards weight loss.

The program involves consuming healthy juices and preparing meals that cater to rapid fat burning – resulting in more efficient fat loss results in lesser time.

Angela also published a series of Raw Reform books that provides a holistic approach to achieving optimum results from raw food dieting.

By following the recipes suggested in the program, fat loss can be achieved through a natural process.

What sets this book apart from other raw food guides is its emphasis not only on the physical factors that are entailed in a successful diet program, but also in the spiritual and emotional aspects involved in such programs.

Outlined in the eBook are the type of foods you should eat, when to eat them, at what portion sizes, and how to overcome your cravings for unhealthy foods.

To ensure that you follow the program closely, motivational techniques are provided.

These techniques will provide you with the proper guidance that you need for assuming a raw food lifestyle and achieve more vitality and strength.


1. Raw food diets are known not only as natural weight loss methods but are also good for detoxifying your body.

2. Among the results cited by those who followed this program are increased energy and vibrancy as well as learning how to overcome overeating and binging.

3. At $19.95, this eBook provides you with valuable information and insights for weight loss and yet it saves you money.

Since the program is in eBook format, the price tag is reasonably priced much lower and at the same time helps you save from handling and shipping costs.

After making the payments, you can immediately download the eBook and implement the program within minutes of downloading them.

4. The recipe guides are easy to follow since it does not consists of rare and expensive ingredients.

It is also the type of food you will eat on a daily basis instead of gourmet recipes that take so much time to prepare.

5. Navigating this eBook is rather easy since it has advance search capabilities, easy to read, and provides hyperlinks in case you want to get further information.


Although Stokes Raw Reform series of books are quite comprehensive altogether, they come in separate books.

Hence, purchasing all of the books in the series can be quite expensive.


Raw Reform is a holistic eBook that provides all the essential information you need towards weight loss by adapting a raw food diet.

Angela Stokes is an expert when it comes to raw food diets and so everything that is contained in the book is a product of her years of knowledge using this diet system.

If you are contemplating on switching to a raw food diet that will help you achieve better weight loss results,  Raw Reform can be the right program for you.

Aside from losing weight, a raw food diet will help you cleanse your body, overcome cravings and achieve a healthier and more vibrant body – inside and out.