Motivation and Dieting

Let’s face it, motivation and dieting will make it on everyone’s agenda at one time or another. We eat too much, exercise less . . . and bam! A layer of flab has crept under our skin! You and I are no exception! (Sorry to be so frank about it.)

At some time in your life, maybe even right now, you’re going to considering losing those excess pounds. This could be for your general wellbeing or purely cosmetic. Or both.

Whatever the reason, you know that dieting to lose weight can be such a chore. A real pain in the butt.

That’s when motivation and dieting become so important.

Without motivation, you just won’t achieve your ultimate goal. You might lose a pound and then put it straight back on. Or worse, you might lose 1 and then put on 2. Sound familiar?

The classic 1 step forward, 2 steps back!

So, what can you do to keep up the momentum and prevent (or minimise) those dreaded backward steps?

Spreading the load with Milestones

First of all, though you need to keep your ultimate goal in mind, you need to spread the load. By this I mean you have to break down your target into achievable milestones.

These will require some degree of effort. But again, they should be achievable! For example, if you have 2 stone to lose, break this into 7 pound milestones. Take a look at this article on The Importance of Motivation In Reaching Your Goals for a discussion on creating milestones.

Blast from the Past

Another great motivation is to dig out your old photographs. These should be pictures of yourself when you considered yourself to be an ideal weight.

Taking a glance at these every time you feel an imminent step backwards can pick you up again. Look at your photograph and think You know what? That’s how I used to look, I can look like this again!

Maybe you could tack it beside your bathroom mirror, or on the inside of your bedroom door. Or anywhere else where you will see it each and every day.

But what if you don’t have any old photographs of your ideal body shape?

Motivation and Dieting – It’s all in the Mind

If you don’t, then you’ll have to visualise!

This is a great motivational technique and you should use it anyway. And you can also use it in every area of life, not just for dieting.

Great athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and the like use visualisation to increase their confidence and motivation to achieve their ultimate goal.

You have to picture yourself as if you had already achieved your ultimate goal. In your case, imagine having lost all your excess weight. Project yourself into this new you! How do you look and feel? How do you sound? Are you more confident? Are you happier and more pleasant to be around?

Try it. It’s a powerful motivator.