Aerobic Fat Burning Workouts

There comes a time in most of out lives when it’s time to shed those excess pounds, and aerobic fat burning routines are a great way to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

That extra fat creeps up on us, as stealthy as prowling cat, and then before you know it the scales are showing something you would never have thought. You are two stone heavier than you really want to be. Or worse!

So it’s time to do something about it. Because the heavier you get, the harder it gets to become motivated to achieve your goals. Imagine two dudes, one stood at the bottom of a mountain and the other stood at the bottom of hill. Which do you think will be the most motivated to reach the top?

Of course it will be the guy stood at the bottom of the hill as his goal is much more achievable. So don’t let your excess weight turn into a mountain of a goal. So now that you are here and want to do something about it…aerobic fat burning routines are a great way to help you get back down to the bottom of that hill and back to your ideal weight.

How can aerobic fat burning workouts help you?

At the end of the day, if you want to lose fat weight, your body must be in calorie deficit. Fact!

If you eat more calories than you need, these calories will be stored as fat and your weight will slowly creep up. (And the more calories you eat in excess, the faster your weight will creep up.)

So that leaves us with two healthy options. You can restrict your calories, or do exercise. But for the fastest fat loss then a combination of both is the key.

What sort of exercise? Well anything where you are burning off calories at an elevated rate. And that’s where aerobic fat burning routines come in.

These exercise routines will help you burn off those excess calories which will put your body in calorie deficit (providing you don’t eat extra calories).

But exercise like this really has three main benefits when it comes to putting your body in calorie deficit…

The three main benefits of aerobic exercise

First off, your body burns extra calories whilst you exercise. So if you go for a 30 minute jog, 45 minute brisk walk, or 60 minute gentle cycle (or any other type of exercise) then your body burns calories at an elevated rate during this time. But we all knew this, right?

Secondly, there is the post exercise calorie burn, which many of us wouldn’t have realised. After exercise we burn calories at an elevate rate for up to 24 hours, or even more if the exercise is a little more strenuous. This can amount to a lot of extra calorie burn!

And finally, the more exercise you do the more lean muscle mass you will have. Basically, this amounts to a permanent increase in your metabolism leading to more calories burned each day. For you this means quicker weight loss.

So exercise is like a triple edged sword when it comes to your fight against the flab. Which is why I write so much about exercise and calorie restriction when it comes to weight loss!